7 Amazing Facts About Indian Culture

India has always been a strong advocate of the fact that unity is diversity. Housing a total population of 1.3 billion people, the country is engraved with unique cultural nuances. Here are a few facts about Indian culture that account for its multifaceted identity.

All Major Religions of The World

Although the majority of the population is Hindu, the country houses well-established communities of major as well as smaller world religions. Churches are visible across Goa and Kerala. Magnificent Jain temples are common in cities like Rajasthan, Delhi and Gujarat. Uttar Pradesh & Bihar is home to numerous Buddhist pilgrimage sites. Punjab is the official home of Sikhism. Muslims constitute 14% of the Indian population. Mosques, mausoleums and shrines are visible throughout the country.

The Namaste Greeting

You may already know about this famous Indian tradition. It is one of the five ancient forms of greeting mentioned in the Hindu scriptures. The word Namaste translates to “I bow to you”. Greeting one another with Namaste is also a way of saying “May our minds meet”.

The System Of Arranged Marriages

The Indian society strongly advocates for arranged marriage. The system of arranged marriage is still followed, where parents are responsible for finding the perfect matches for their children. In some cultures, love marriage is a huge taboo.

Atithi Devo Bhavah

The phrase translates to “Guest is equivalent to God”. It has become a traditional code of conduct for the Hindu community. Whenever a guest arrives, he/she is treated with utmost respect and provided unparalleled hospitality.

The Traditional Indian Wear

Women in India are often observed wearing saris. A sari is a garment that has an unstitched drape. It is typically wrapped around the waist with one end of the garment placed on the shoulder, leaving a bare portion of the midriff. For casual occasions, Indian men wear simple “Kurta Pyjamas”. For formal occasions, they are observed donning “Sherwanis”.

The English Language

The English speaking population in India is the second largest in the world, USA being on top. It is also one of the twenty-two official languages enshrined in the Constitution of India. You will be able to communicate almost everywhere in the country.

The Largest Population of Vegetarians

India houses the largest population of vegetarians, which made KFC introduce its first-ever vegetarian menu in the entire world, exclusively made for India.Cooking in India differs from region to region, which results in the diverse cuisine. Species herbs are extensively put to use when it comes to Indian food. However, rice and wheat are staple grains.

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