The Coolest Coffee Shops in Europe

There is something about coffee that brings people together. The warm inviting aromas entice you in, encourage you to sit, and welcome you to experience your surroundings rather than just see them through your camera lens. One of the best parts about traveling is trying local cafes and restaurants and immersing yourself in the culture. A coffee house provides the unique atmosphere for patrons to sit in solitude and people watch one minute, but then mix and mingle and connect with other patrons the next minute.

If you’re looking for that quintessential coffee house café experience, then Europe has got to be on the top of your list to visit. Europe has become synonymous with great little quaint cafes, coffee bars, and tea rooms. We’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest coffee shops and cafes in Europe to help inspire you as you plan your next European holiday, because at the end of the day you can never have too much coffee.

The Antico Caffe Greco | Rome, Italy

As the oldest café and coffee house in Rome, this place has quite the history. Since opening its doors in 1760 the café has served coffee and food to some historical and famous figures over the years. This is your chance to sit in the same spot as some of the most famous artists, thinkers, philosophers, politicians, and composers of history and today.

Or Espresso | Brussels, Belgium

This industrial-looking coffee shop roasts their own coffee and are even distributors. They even have their own school teaching up-and-coming baristas the art of all things coffee, pretty cool.

Tim Wendelboe | Oslo, Norway

Tim Wendelboe brings fresh, creative and energetic ideas to coffee and his café. He continues to offer unique and interesting combinations and has spurred on the coffee craze in Oslo specifically.

Café Central | Vienna, Austria

It’s not often you can have a cup of delicious coffee in a rare 19th century historical building but you can at Café Central. This famous and beautiful coffee house opened in 1876 and has been enticing people in ever since.

New York Café | Budapest, Hungary

Nicknamed ‘The Most Beautiful Café in the World’, the New York Café is one of the most elaborate and exquisite coffee house and tea rooms around. Very popular with long lines, this café serves Austro-Hungarian cuisine and sweet treats all day. You’ll feel like you stepped back into the 1800s when you step through these doors.

The next time you’re on a European holiday make sure to take the time to sit and experience the café lifestyle that Europe has perfected. Try to learn how to order your favorite coffee drink in the native language (trust us, they’ll appreciate the effort of you trying even if it’s not perfect), people watch, don’t be afraid to make conversation with others around you, ask for recommendations for a great coffee or dinner spot, and open your heart and mind to your surroundings. You may be surprised, you could go in for a coffee but leave with an experience to remember.

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