Best Destinations For Solo Travelers

For many of us, spending some time alone may stir up a sense of trepidation. Something as simple as sitting in a restaurant rather than eating alone might conjure up uneasiness. Traveling alone certainly helps in erasing this impending sense of dread.

When you travel alone, you find yourself liberated from the burden of codependency. You take control of your life and become the leader of your journey. And most importantly, you learn to appreciate solitude. If you are having a hard time deciding where to head first, then below is a list of some incredible places for a solo trip to amplify your experience.-

6 Incredible Places To Travel Alone

1. Thailand

When talking about solo trips, Thailand is easily one of the popular destinations amongst solo travelers. From the delectable Thai dishes to thrilling water pursuits, there is so much to explore and experience. There are numerous cosy hotels and hostels specially made for backpackers everywhere in Thailand. For an inexperienced solo traveler, Thailand is undoubtedly the perfect starting point.

2. Oman

Many people might not know much about this impeccable destination, but Oman is a wonderful country to explore. The locals are very helpful and friendly. You can heedlessly walk down the streets, and the locals won’t pierce you with uncomfortable stares.

The golden sand dunes spread across hundreds of miles, and the picturesque landscapes will enchant your senses. The roads are in excellent condition and renting a car is very easy. If you are a rookie solo traveler, then do visit this beautiful destination.

3. Georgia

Georgia is one of the most underrated travel destinations. The country is adorned with gothic architecture, cobblestone streets, and beautiful scenery. The country visibly boats the fascinating blend of post-soviet remnants and emerging modernization.

The towering mountains, pristine beaches, and scintillating lakes are what make this country nature’s heavenly abode. Georgia is a must-visit for solo backpackers.

4. Iceland

Iceland has proven to be one of the safest places in the world. Solo travelers will easily make their way through this magnificent destination. From the exquisite golden circle to the therapeutic blue lagoon, you’ll be thrilled by the numerous pursuits offered by this destination. Whether it’s summer or winter, you can visit this beautiful country anytime during the year.

5.South Korea

South Korea is one of the most popular travel destinations among travelers. The capital city, Seoul, is a vast metropolis where modern meets ancient. From high tech subways to ancient Buddhist temples, the contrasting yet balanced image of the city will mesmerize your senses. The customer service in Seoul is impeccable.

If you are traveling solo on a budget, then finding the right accommodation would be a piece of cake as there are tons of inexpensive hotel options available. For the foodies, the city is a pure haven. From local vendors selling mouth-watering street food to cute cafés and high-end restaurants, the food here is truly the best.

6. London, England

The eclectic city is truly the heart and soul of the UK. The city is brimming with cultural nuances and monumental architecture. The city is thoroughly connected and features impeccable transportation services. If you are traveling solo, you wouldn’t have to worry about reaching different places.

Since English is the language of communication, you’ll find it easy to navigate through the city. You can take part in numerous affordable ventures. If you are planning to go solo, London would be the perfect destination!

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